Skate Into Love

This drama was based on a novel written by author Jiu Xiao Qi.

Childhood frenemies-turned-college classmates encourage each other to follow their dreams.

Genres: Romantic comedy, Sports

Drama:- Skate Into Love

Zhang Xincheng, Janice Wu, Deng Lun, Zhou li Jie, Han Jiunuo............

Cast:- Janice Wu as Tang Xue. Zhangshang Mingzhu as Young Tang Xue. Zhang Xincheng as Li Yubing. Zhou Lijie as Yu Yan. Chu Yue as Zhou Ran. Cao Bo as Jiang Shijia. He Xuanlin as Xia Menghuan. Wei Tianhao as Bian Cheng. Han Jiunuo as Zhang Yuewei.

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