New Bengali Short film 2017 ILLUSION - Two Girls In Love. Beautiful Entertainment Bangla short film

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Watch ' ILLUSION '
FULL HD 1080p NEW Full Movie
Bengali Short Film With English Subtitles
Lesbian girl love .. Sex to love

✑ New Movie / Film :
বিভ্রম / मोह माया / Amazing Illusions
Whose reality is not found / Ghostly love story

✑ Cast :
Sampurna Ghosh , Sagorika Banerjee , Debasish Bag

✑ Camera & Editing :
Prabir Das & Sadananda Biswas

✑ Story & Direction :
Prabir Das

✑ Script & Assistant Director :
Debasish Bag

✑ Subtitle :
Sumon Sengupta

✑ Background Music and Audio Recording :
Samares Biswas (AV Digitech)

✑ Vocal - Voice Dubbing :
Rakhi Adhikary , Advocate Ankita Mazumder & Koushik

✑ Shooting / Video Recording :
Nikon DSLR D7000 Camera
Video Recording HD 1080p Digital Camera

✑ Video & Audio Edit Software
Adobe Premiere Pro & Nuendo

✑ Suiting Place :
Krishnanagar, Nadia , West Bengal

✑ Special Thanks :
Rupankar Das , Swoattik Ghosh, Debasish Bag, Neha Das , Prayshi Das

✑ Presents By ( Produced )
( Prabir Das & Shambhu Saha )

✑ Production House
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Suparna -- Yaa Niloy , Tell?
Niloy ------- Look ! What's The Time Now ?
Suparna -- Darling , Just a moment ! it is 6.45pm now. i Will Definitely Reach by 7:5 or 7:10, sure
Niloy ------- oh ! Hurry up ! tha guests are already coming home. hurry up! leav it now
Suparna -- ok .. ok...
Niloy ------- ok. .. byee
Suparna -- o my God ! it is 7:00 pm now! you! what a surprise! come, come....
Suparna -- you! what a surprise ! come come ...
Pamela --- hi! hi!.. oh! leave it now! do you know that you are tha my only friend in kolkata. i have a work at silliguri. so i have directly come to you after reaching Dumdum i will leave at tomorrow morning ... Fust....
Suparna -- I will not allow you to go.
Pamela --- will you be able to stop me? i will leave you one day and become a star of that sky...
Sumparna--- I'll beat you! Dont talk nonsense ! I'll not talk to you anymore...... never speak such
Pamela--- Yes, my sweet heart!

Samparna -- Be a little serious you know. Don't you make a call before ?
Pamela-- Yes, I did just at 6:30 pm. But you cauld not attend your call
Sumparna-- Sorry. I was at toilet. so could not attend your call
Pamela-- Ok! whare are you going whith make up ?
Sumparna-- No.. I won't . you have come, so I will not This is my phone.... now Switched it off. now only .... You and me, I and you
Pamela-- Ok! what's make ?
Sumparna--- Change your dress and get freshed first. I will olso change my dress

Sumparna--- Darling cheers!
Pamela-- Oh! is this in you head?
Sumparna--- Tha whole night is life. first make it cheers! Cheers!
Sumparna-- Do you remmber Niloy of our college who need to sing will? We need to gossip to geeher..
Pamela-- why not? he alone neade tha canteen fun will and sang looking at you.
Sumparna--- I meet him on live few days before.
Pamela-- Niloy? Suddenly?
Sumparna--- No. He loves me so much.......
Pamela -- And you?
Saumparna---- Niloy is my second choice........ And first Choice is you ........
Pamela----- Oh lady! sinking sinking drinking water ?
sumparna-- I love you...... Millions of millions of million....... dont come till now...... I am Calling.........
sumparna---- love is nothing without sex.
pamela-- Sex is nothing without love
sumparna --- I missed you so long....
pamela--- Me too. Missed you so much........ Eager to see Tell something. won't you be silent?
Sumparna--- Pamela... Pamella.... oh Pamela....
Sumparna-- Niloy here...
Sumparna--- Niloy ....... Come ..... Come.. I won't attend your Birthday party yesterday..
Niloy---- Ok! Calm and sit .
Sumparna--- our friend pamela.
Niloy--- I know. Pamela is no more .
Sumparna-- What?
Niloy-- Yesterday at 7 pm..... I knew that both of our friend Pamela died at car accident. I colled you so many time..... you didnot reply. your phone was switched off.
Sumparna--- what? rubbish. don't mock at me . yesterday we logether did a lots of fun and enjoyed whole night .
Niloy--- Please..... please.. Sumparna.... Please!
Sumparna---- Hellow!( Colling in a phone)
Pollice--- I am Anshu Telling from Bullygunj P.S Are you Miss Suparna ?
Suparna---- Yes, I Are.......
Pollice---- From dialno. I Come to know that you have colled at 6:30 pm Miss Palema Chakroborty died in a car accident 7 pm yesterday Won't you pleasehelp me gettuig her home address....

Our World is full of mystery. It is impossibel to discuse the reason of many events happened in our real life .
B'Grade Movie
Sinhala Comedy

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