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Kurukshetra is about Assistant Commissioner of Police Prithviraj Singh is all settled with his happy family consisting of his wife, Anjali and sister Aarti. Since he is employed with the Indian police force his record state of being transfer 14 times, he do not accept bribe and does his duty with most honesty. When he is transfer to Gamdevi police headquarters he must now deal with a rape and murder case of a young woman named Geeta. He does manages to arrest a man name Amar and logged him in a cell; but problems persist when that man happen to be the chief minister's son Baburao Deshmukh who will only rest until he upturn Prithviraj's, his wife and sister lives into hell to pressure him for the release of his son.

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Gamdevi Police Station has a new Inspector-In-charge, none other than Assistant Commissioner of Police Prithviraj Singh, who has a known reputation of being transferred 14 times in the last 10 years, and who is also known to never have accepted any bribe nor pressure from anyone for carrying out his duties. One day when a woman named Geeta is brutally raped and assaulted. Prithviraj concludes his investigation by arresting a young man named Amar Deshmukh, and two others, and holding them in a cell. No doubt, Prithviraj has excelled in his investigation, but he also realizes that he has just arrested the only son of the State Chief Minister, Baburao Deshmukh, who is all ready to turn Prithviraj's organized and content family life into a virtual unending nightmare that will not put his life, but also the life of his wife, Anjali, and sister, Aarti, in jeopardy.
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