Facebook App Tutorial - Facebook Features You didn't know existed 2 of 3

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Facebook App Tutorial - Facebook Features You didn't know existed 2 of 3

There are a ton of Facebook features available that people just don’t know exist. Did you know you could order food through Facebook? Buy a movie? Book hair appointments or even find out which friends are near your current location? Yup.. Facebook has features that you didn’t know existed. So in this overview of the Facebook app, I’m going through all of these features. Tell me which feature you love the best!
02:08 (Edit Shortcuts) How to Edit Shortcuts
02:48 (Explore - Saved) How to organized your saved posts
03:36 (Explore - Events) How to use Facebook Events features – Discover new events, suggested events, etc.
04:34 (Explore - Facebook Groups) How to update your favorite Groups, Leave Groups and more
06:23 (Explore -Friends Nearby) How to find friends nearby (aka crazy stalker feature that I turn off)
06:33 (Explore - Booking Appointments) How to book appointments in Facebook
07:10 (Explore - Offers) How to find and use offers and sales you find on Facebook
07:42 (Explore - Pages) How to Organize your existing Facebook Pages Create a New Facebook Page
07:57 (Explore - Instagram) How to access Instagram from Facebook
08:02 (Explore - Trending News) Find trending topics that aren’t on your news feed
08:46 (Explore - Friends) How to organize your friends on Facebook, view requests, etc.
09:55 (Explore - Feeds) Group your Facebook friends for security, block people from seeing posts
10:37 (Explore - On This Day) How to see posts from previous years on Facebook “On this day”
11:01 (Explore - Local) Places near you, places you’ve checked into, where your friends have checked in
12:35 (Explore - Crisis Response) How do you check in on Facebook to let your friends know you’re ok?
13:27 (Explore - Find W-Fi) How to find Wi-Fi hotspots near you
13:50 (Explore - City Guide) How to find places your friends have visited when you’re traveling
14:52 (Explore - Jobs) Find a job on FACEBOOK OMG yes this exists
15:45 (Explore - Movies) How to find and purchase movies playing near you
16:19 (Explore - Messenger for Kids) Kids can use messenger without a Facebook profile
16:51 (Explore - Sports) Follow updates from your Favorite Teams
17:19 (Explore - Weather) How to get daily weather updates on Facebook
17:39 (Explore - Discover People) Suggested friends based on your online interests
18:44 (Explore - Fundraisers) Contribute to or create a fundraiser for an organization
19:00 (Explore - Explore Feed) Viral posts on Facebook
19:44 (Settings - Settings) Account Settings, Payment Settings, News Feed Preferences, Activity Log
20:04 (Settings - Activity Log) How do I see all my activity on Facebook
20:23 (Settings - Privacy Shortcuts) How to do a Facebook privacy checkup
20:49 (Settings - Support Inbox) Check your Facebook support tickets

If you want a full tutorial on any of these features, please leave a comment below.


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